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About Us

Our Story

Who we are

Our story starts back in 2012 when our Managing Director worked in the recycling sector.

During this time he gained knowledge and understanding of the forestry industry, identifying a gap in the Christmas tree market after learning that 30% of Nordmann Fir Christmas trees are imported each year.  This knowledge along with the drive to keep agriculture within the UK and Ireland whilst looking after the environment and economy ignited the birth of Walker Forestry Services in 2014.
In order to capitalise on this vision, WFS Forestry Ireland was founded in 2016, enabling the Company to gain capital for planting trees and expand to Ireland. 
To complete the ‘treecycle’ in 2019 we formed the retail arm, Jingltree. Throughout the planting, growing, nurturing, harvesting, retailing and recycling of our trees, we are committed to ensuring that every process is carried out responsibly with the care and respect of the environment in mind.
What we do
What we do

Our timeline to success

How we became leaders in our field


Our CEO began a lifelong career in Forestry & Recycling.

Walker Forestry Services was born.

WFS Forestry Ireland was formed to gain capital for planting.

Jingltree was born to become to retail arm and complete the Treecycle.

Our Benefits

We benefit from investing in large scale commercial Christmas tree plantations within the UK and Ireland. 
The supply of forestry is struggling to meet the demand, and therefore generating an increase in value per hectare year upon year.
We are not reliant on the stock market, as our trees grow irrespective. 
Supports UK and Irish wildlife providing a sustainable habitat.